•Hi hi,i’m Luisa• 

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Ahh, well to begin with, i’ve been into kpop since 2011, and my first kpop group was SHINee. I really like kpop, but i also listen to Jpop/rock, and well rock in general~

I’m very Cube biased, since Cube is my favorite company and i love all of their artists. I use to be an all beast blog but well, i started listening to more kpop.

I also like K-fashion and anime~ I’ve actually been into anime longer than anything tbh OTL Anywho, i like drawing, writing, reading and photography, at one point my friend and i ran an scenario blog, but that is basically dead now OTL

Ohh, and when i’m bored i like to make gifs, and edits~ So feel free to request anything.

I stan a bunch of groups but my top ten would be: Beast, Btob, Block B, Cn Blue, Infnite, Exo, C-clown, B1A4, B.A.P, and Vixx 

Since i’ve gotten into kpop i have bought/received a lot of kpop merch, but my every first kpop album and poster was Beast’s Fiction and Fact♥

I’ve been to 4 kpop concerts; F.T island & CN Blue “Stand up”, SM town Anaheim 2012, Kcon 2012, and B.A.P Live on Earth LA 2013

If you guys want to know anything else feel free to ask~

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