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hello lovelies, i know that i haven’t been on in ages and well i was actually going to edit and post this weekend but something really upsetting and unfortunate has happened. Well my laptop just DIED ON ME. It won’t turn on, and just nOPE. I AM SO UPSET OMG. 4 years worth of pictures, videos, music, FANCAMS, gone. Since my laptop had EVERYTHING on there, i don’t think i’ll be able to edit/gif any time soon and i’m very sorry >< I’m going to see if my Computers teacher can fix my laptop for me and if he can’t well. I guess i won’t be posting till i get a new laptop ;nnnn; i’m sorry i’m never on, and i really miss you guys sobs but hopefully i can fully return to tumblr soon ;n;

-whispers- we celebrated my birthday again today lol, it’s fun hanging out with all my ROV friends. I’m sorry i’m never on tumblr anymore, i actually have a life now soBS, i’ll try to be on this weekend ;n;

Hola mon followers rn, this post with be posted right when school starts for me, which is today (monday) at 8am. It is a new semester and i want to do as good or even better than i did last semester, which means less tumblr time well actually, it means less internet time in general (which isn’t possible but i’ll try.) So from now on, most of the posts you’ll see on this blog will be on queue because i will be on semi-hiatus bc of school. But on the weekend i’ll try to post and what not~ So yeah~ You’ll most likely find me on twitter if i’m not on here. Well, that’s about it! Thanks for following guys and  i hope i survive the first day of the semester -___-

p.s: all the things in my queue are things from my likes, this is an attempt to clean out my likes. I have 19k likes as of rn (i cry) anY WHO, have a good day you guys!!!!

New icon (how to edit omg)(((i tried))), theme and side bar~

sorry i’ve been MIA for awhile, i’ve been really busy with school >< too much to do junior year omg. anywho, tomorrow i’m going to infinite’s concert and it’ll be really awesome if i see some of you guys there~ are any of you guys going to infinite’s concert???

hey you guys, i’m still alive i swear, but i rarely go on now sorry >< i haven’t touched my laptop in awhile tbh, i’ll try to go on more but idk if i’ll be able to /sobs/ life is kind of taking over le internet time, seriously though, i need to catch up on anime and dramas and manga and just asdfghjkl i hate school, too much work and what not. well i just wanted to let you guys know i was alive and i’ll hopefully be able to go on more~ if you guys want to talk to me (which i doubt) just tweet me, i’m on there more (sometimes) later~

-whispers- i made an IG you guys 

-whispers- do you guys want me to make a kcon fanaccount??? also i’m uploading fancams rn and will be uploading pictures soon

night night

going to kcon tomorrow ;uuuu;♥

i’m still going to be on semi-hiatus ;n; but i have a 4 day weekend coming up soon so hopefully i can be on during that time. My school year as of rn is pretty chill, we’re aren’t doing anything big yet but i do plan on concentrating on school more, so please excuse my absence. Also kcon is this weekend yay ;uuuu;♥

night night

first day of school tomorrow ;n;

-whispers- my first day of junior year is tomorrow, can i not OTL

-whispers- Hey you guys, i’m alive, but just barely, the last 6 days have been super tiring and we still have so much to do.

Tomorrow we’re going to the beach again, thursday we’re going to universal studios, friday we’re going to an observatory and then that night we’re all going to my aunt’s house because on saturday we’re going to raging waters and that sunday we’re going to disney land, so basically we’re busy as fuck and i really won’t have time to be on, so the semi-hiatus isn’t ending anytime soon. ;n; I actually have a life now, but i’m so behind on kdramas, animes and mangas soBS